The rattan peel that is pliable but strong was once the best woven material in indigenous culture.

One ordinary basket has up to ten techniques, for instance the structure to make it stand tight, the petite weaving detail to hide the seam, the weaving line to make the edges strong, and the one-thread weaving technique that enables the knot being unbreakable.

The techniques are not difficult, because they are born for practical usage rather than artistic works. But the details are very fascinating, you could find how the craftsman work so carefully to make every part strong and fine, and could realized intuitively why this technique would be developed.


Like all the traditional and handmade things happening in all the world, the slowly object making way has been replaced by fast production products like plastics naturally.


We live, we learn, we love the unpredictable things that hands can bring to life. We would like the traditions to be continued, and would love to create new thoughts based on our roots.


In the Woven Accessories, we use durable tanned leather to weave, to follow the traditional usage but in modern living way.

The weavings reveal the original technique texture and age-old stories.