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Woven Series


The Woven Series

The rattan peel that is pliable but strong was once the best-woven material in indigenous culture. The one thread weaving technique enables the knot being unbreakable, and commonly used in tightening stone pestles.

Kamaro’an and indigenous woven craftsman Rara Dong use durable tanned leather to weave, bringing the weavings new functions and reveal its original beauty.

The Woven Series is characterised by the structural folding that fits traditional weaving patterns with simplistic aesthetics.


以一條線編成的編織,可強而有力地束緊石杵,亦可包覆竹水筒避免裂開,是阿美族傳統編織智慧。在Kamaro’an與編織工藝家Rara Dongi的合作中,考量藤皮越來越難採,我們使用與藤皮擁有相同韌性與彈性的牛皮,延續部落的傳統編織工藝。



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