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Inspired by Taiwanese indigenous culture, Kamaro’an explores natural materials and delicate craftsmanship through simplistic designs. We believe in both creativity and precision that hands can bring to life. 

The name Kamaro’an originates from Pangcah, an indigenous language which means “the place to live.”  Our concept is to provide culturally-related employments in Hualien to attract youths to come home.  Each of our products is crafted by the local indigenous weavers. 

Kamaro’an is officially launched in the 2015 Taiwan Designers’ Week, and has just recently been awarded “Rising Asian Talents” by Maison & Objet Paris in 2017. 

Kamaro’an presents lighting and accessory collections that revive traditional crafts via contemporary designs. Besides featuring our brand’s own products, we also collaborate with indigenous artist Sapud Kacaw to introduce his elegant driftwood furniture.

Umbrella Sedge Series

The umbrella sedges can only grow in clean water, and it takes four to six months to harvest them.  It is a traditional plant material in the coastal indigenous woven culture.   As craftsman Sumi Dongi removes the skin of the sedge stem, she tries to avoid mildew problems, hence making the mats more delicate in nature.

By collaborating with Sumi Dongi, we weave umbrella sedges on structural metal frames to create lightings and stationery with modern forms. This allows the crafts to be produced in small-scale systems.

Riyar Light

Riyar means “ocean” in the Pangcah language.  This is a pendant light that transforms traditional umbrella sedge mats into the shape ofwaves.  Riyar looks unique in every angle.

Cidal Light

“Cidal” is how the people say “the sun” in the Pangcah language.  By revolving umbrella sedges from the hidden metal structures, we make the light shine like sunshine and meanwhile create delicate shadows. Cidal can be both pendant and table light.

Faho’ Storage

Faho’ nears “umbrella edges” in the Pangcah language.  The alignment of the umbrella sedges creates special storage spaces for table objects and dried plants.

Woven Series

The rattan peel that is pliable but strong was once the best-woven material in indigenous culture. The one thread weaving technique enables the knot being unbreakable, and commonly used in tightening stone pestles.

Kamaro’an and indigenous woven craftsman Rara Dong use durable tanned leather to weave, bringing the weavings new functions and reveal its original beauty.

The Woven Series is characterised by the structural folding that fits traditional weaving patterns with simplistic aesthetics.

Woven Card Case & Pen Case

Following the "tightening" function of traditional rattan peel weaving, the woven ring now firmly holds the lid of card case and pen case. 

Woven Briefcase

The elegance of the Woven Briefcase lies in the clean lines from leather folding, and the individually hand-woven handle that delicately covered the body. For those who live in busy cities but crave for nature and craft. 

Woven Triangle Bag

This is a simplistic daily bag with sculptural lines and one-thread woven handle. Uniquely dyed colour, sized to fit all your daily stuff.

Woven Mirror

A fresh design for wall mirror, characterised by the no-end woven loop and the loading capacity of the slim woven threads. 

Sapud Kacaw 

Sapud Kacaw is one of the most active indigenous driftwood artists in Taiwan. His works reveal stories of Pangcah culture in poetic ways. He has strong aesthetic in making sculptures and furniture.

Young talents in the Makuta’ay tribe must go through a long period of apprenticeship and cultural revitalization before they become driftwood artists. Skills and spirits of craftsmanship will then be deeply deeply rooted in their hands and mind.

Driftwood Chair 

Following the ancient Pangcah wisdom of living in harmony with the earth, the shapes of mountain and ocean are hidden in Sapud Kacaw's furniture works. The chair lively fits in homes and public space. Each piece is unique, satisfying the needs for art and nature.

2017 Maison et Objet Paris
Rising Asian Talents: Kamaro'an

Dates: September 8-12, 2017
Hall : 7  
Stand number : D96
Location: Paris Nord Villepinte

Opening time
From Friday to Monday: 09:30am to 07:00pm.
Tuesday: 09:30am to 06:00pm.


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