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No. 1, Bade Road Sec. 1, Zhongzhen District
Taipei 100

+886 955939181

Inspired by Taiwanese indigenous culture, Kamaro’an explores natural materials and delicate indigenous craftsmanship through contemporary designs.

Faho' Storage

Faho' Storage

The alignment of the umbrella sedge creates special spaces for storing table objects.

Faho’ means umbrella sedge in the Pangcah language.



Materials: Umbrella Sedge, powder coated steel

Dimensions: w5 X d5 X h17 / w17 X d3 X h3 (cm)

Packaging: w12 X d19 X h6 (cm)

Design Year: 2015

Cleaning instruction: Simple wipe with a damp cloth, and placed in a cool, well-ventilated / dry place.

Place of Origin: Hualien, Taiwan.