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Kamaro'an, the place to live.


Kamaro’an is collaborated by the Makuta’ay artists and young Taiwanese designers. In the Pangcah language, the meaning of Kamoro’an is the place to live.

The Makuta’ay tribe is located along the coastline in eastern Taiwan. In the ’90s, Rahic Talif led a group of youths from the tribe to open a new path of modern art based on driftwood, after which an artistic momentum was awakened for the tribe. As tribal youths starts to leave big cities and returns home, creative work based on the longstanding culture of Pangcah thrived and flourished.

In Kamaro’an, every design is inspired by the tribal artist’s works, every piece of the products is crafted by the local community. 

We offer respectful payroll to local weavers, and share profits with artists.



Kamaro’an (讀音:嘎瑪魯岸)在阿美族語中的意思是「住下來吧」。 我們的傢俱與家飾均取材自花蓮港口部落的藝術創作,由部落藝術家帶領族人手工製作而成。 

Kamaro’an的產品帶著一點部落的藝術精神,一點部落的工藝巧思,還有一點山跟海的影子,同時也傳遞著部落青年回到自己的土地,認真、 安定而自在的生活風景。





2017 Maison et Objet "Rising Talents"
2016 Creative Expo Taiwan "30 Winners"
2015 Shopping Design Best 100 "Best Original Brand"


2017.09 Maison et Objet Paris
2017.04 Creative Expo Taiwan
2016.10 Big+BIH Thailand
2016.09 Maison et Objet Paris
2016.07 Design Tokyo
2016.04 Creative Expo Taiwan
2015.10 Taiwan Designers' Week